Safe Word (2017)

Safe Word

Gramma Poetry, 2017
ISBN: 978-0998736235


A tremendous terror and thrill overcame me as I read these language explosions, harmonics, and tours de force— acts torqued out of the last century and dragged, high on diction, into this one.
-Jane Miller

Even [Donald Dunbar's] worst lines are better than the best of the best being produced in reputable poetry factories from here to nowhere fast [...] So read this. This is the future of American poetry right now.
-Timothy Liu

Donald glitzes up the abyss with the browsing contrary shapes of these momentary incandescences, obscenely attractive strangers keeping a soft focus on the scalpel.
-John Beer

Reading Donald Dunbar is like getting high with Rosie from The Jetsons while a cosmic Facebook feed scrolls by outside the window. His voice is unique among modern voices— simultaneously crisp and cloudy, like a day.
-Patricia Lockwood

Donald Dunbar is one of the most inventive poets living in the United States today, and within that inventiveness is the certainty of, to use an image he uses, pixels.
-Greg Bem in Yellow Rabbits